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30 January 2017

The Fuck Friend Zone: There's Benefits?

It seems like a good idea, having someone who is a friend and whom you can have a shag with. There is no romantic involvement so you remain free to find the love of your live. Why is not everyone doing it?

The origin of fuck friend

Fuck friends has no clear definition because it is defined by what it is not: it is not a boyfriend or a girlfriend, it is not a romantic partner, it is not a real relationship. It is used as a line differentiating your relationship with someone from what any person would expect from a romantic relationship, and also limiting how far a relationship can go.

Being a fuck friend means you are not going to make it, you are not enough, you are not the one. And you will never be so do not even try to make any advance on that direction. So it is basically an insult.

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