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Articles about design theory, and professional performance, on fields like brand design, UI and UX design, and front end, and opinion on related topics. Also advice on how to deal with design for people in need of design services.

24 May 2017

I Need A Logo: Low-Cost Design Services

If you need a logo you can find a lot of different options, from cheap logo design services, to a costly marketing agency. By principle, you should get the best professional or team you can afford. But with so many low-cost options, are you throwing your money away?

There are two ways to reduce cost of a service. First, by cutting expenses, downsizing your operational cost to your minimum needs — e.g. if you are a local business you may not need to hire an international firm.

The second way to reduce cost is shirking responsibility. To illustrate that, I'll use different scenarios in which low-cost solutions may be an option.

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