Working from home

I work fully remote. It is the first time I work remotely, and I had a hard time at first. My younger brother, who had been working remotely for a while before I started, tried to warn me. I thought he was being dramatic, but he was right.

There are many challenges associated with working from home, especially when you have the freedom to choose your schedule. Fortunately, I work with people who have been very supportive and helpful in my transition.

After almost a year of working from home, I can say it works for me. I enjoy the benefits of not having to commute and getting to adjust my schedule as I see fit, but also I am productive and able to manage my time well on my own. There are negatives, like not being able to socialise with your colleagues casually. But all things considered, it is a clear net positive for me.

For me.

It does not work as well for everyone. And I wonder if it will create a division between the types of people a company could, should, or would hire. Because we all know our industry tends to create teams of like-minded people, and how it usually hurts our ability to be inclusive of diversity, thus limiting innovation.

One thing I know for sure: no one likes hybrid positions where you are forced to work remotely half the time, and on-site the other half. It has the worse of both sides, and it is the perfect excuse for a company to not commit to offering their employees all the tools and support needed to work remotely — and maybe also not the best environment to work on-site.

If anyone has a good experience in that type of position I would love to hear from you because everyone I know that has had this type of arrangement hated it.