What is next?

When working in tech, be aware of what is next. Not the next technology or tool, but your next step. Where do you want to go? What does the next stage of your career look like?

In our industry, there is an infinite sea of knowledge to learn. What makes it so fascinating is being able to learn constantly. But if you do not have a destination or a direction to move toward, you can easily end up swimming in circles.

If you are afraid of becoming obsolete because younger professionals work with newer tools or methods, you may end up training yourself to stay in the same position you already are. Defensiveness is not a good career path.

Do not try to keep your ground, and move forward instead. Explore new areas of knowledge, new roles in your line of work, and new ways to capitalise on your skills.

Let others take your position by growing and taking the position of others with more knowledge and experience. Or creating new positions you are uniquely well equipped to take.