Development is a great career if you like to keep learning. There are always new things to learn — technologies, methodologies, tools… — and many areas to explore.

This is the origin of the T-shaped skills, meaning you can have working knowledge in many areas, but usually one field of expertise.

To achieve that you need some focus. If you are chasing new things to learn all the time, you will never be able to achieve expertise in any of them.

Learning from experience, on the clock or your side projects is very valuable, but if you try to manage several side projects you may not learn as much as having just one to focus on.

In the last quarter of 2023, I was managing many things. Things got done, but I didn’t learn much. Now I am focused on working with WordPress custom blocks, both on my job and for my site, and I am learning a lot.

Development is not a great career if you often feel FOMO — fear of missing out. You need to do less to achieve more.