The advice I got from an expert on professional development is that a résumé is just a tool to get you an interview.

No one is hired for their résumé, but most are rejected because of it. When applying for a position, we need to understand the assignment. A résumé has to show we understand what the company is looking for and how we can provide it.

I got my current position following this advice. Especially understanding a résumé is not a reflection of who I am, as it helps with the emotional part of looking for a job.

But also got me to two realisations.

Firstly, a résumé’s goal is not to make a statement or follow your heart. You can do that in other moments, including the interview if it is relevant. But résumé is an early stage in hiring for a position, and there is not enough room for it.

Secondly, and most important, never make any career decision based on how it will look on your résumé. Sometimes we need to make some sacrifices for doing what we think is best for our careers. But putting months or years on the line for having another bullet point in a résumé is not worth it.