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24 May 2017

I Need A Logo: Low-Cost Design Services

If you need a logo you can find a lot of different options, from cheap logo design services, to a costly marketing agency. By principle, you should get the best professional or team you can afford. But with so many low-cost options, are you throwing your money away?

There are two ways to reduce cost of a service. First, by cutting expenses, downsizing your operational cost to your minimum needs — e.g. if you are a local business you may not need to hire an international firm.

The second way to reduce cost is shirking responsibility. To illustrate that, I'll use different scenarios in which low-cost solutions may be an option.

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28 March 2017Last update: 23 May 2017

Super­files: Creating Brand Value With Inter­face Design


I had to design a new software discovery and download site from scratch, for a company that already owns several similar sites. And of course the new site has to be different from the rest.

Also most of the sites are outdated and have to be renewed, so the new site had to set the new standard, and be used as an example of the company's sites in the meanwhile.


A new interface being responsive, easy to use and understand, with a strong visual identity, to use the site as an example and create brand value for the company.

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3 March 2017

Design Reviews: How Social Media Killed Them

Bēhance is a site — a network of sites, really — where designers can show their work. There is curated collections of work in any design field, and you can have a profile and show your work. It has been now eleven years since it was launched, so the platform has changed a lot in these years.

Bēhance allows comments on the projects. People can ask you about your process, your decisions and the production of your project and it’s a great way to learn. Back in the day you had the option to choose if you were looking for feedback on every project and that was nice because before you wrote a thoughtful critique on a project there was an indicator that the designer was open to receive it. It was a nice balance between turning the site into a crossfire of designers always critiquing other’s work and enabling review by peers that is a common practice in design.

So eight years ago I left a comment on a project from a graphic designer who was looking for feedback on a project. The reasoning and concept behind the design was brilliant and it fit the project brief perfectly, but execution of the idea was poor. It seemed rushed because it didn’t fit the concept entirely. There was an imbalance between a brilliant idea and a poor execution. It’s not that the style or the graphic quality of the final product was bad, it just fell way short for the concept developed. My comment was removed shortly after.

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