Fran Rosa

23 November 2015


Persuadis: Marketing Agency Brand Re­position­ing Proposal

Español: Persuadis: Propuesta de reposicionamiento de marca para una agencia de marketing/a>


The agency is specialized in marketing solutions for real estate. Most of their work is providing marketing services, mostly — but not only — digital to real estate companies.

It’s a very specific area, and they have a great deal of experience, with special focus on client acquisition campaigns and open house programming to increase sales. They also offer real estate development branding and communication.

Current logo

Current Brand

Current visual identity date from 2009 — although it looks older. First problem with the brand is its current form. Meaning of the symbol is unclear, typography treatment is plain and color palette is a 90s cliché. The symbol is the most important element, and its incomprehensible because it’s supposed to refer to real estate by shape, and to the agency history with the three elements.

Looking at the visual identity of top agencies in Spain, a typographic brand eliminating both symbol and tagline would be preferable.

About color, choosing a close hue to current corporate blue but more up to date — toned down, less saturated and more formal, that works nicely in both paper and screen — seems to be the way to go.

A custom typography is desirable, and must be considered.

Brand repositioning

The agency wants a repositioning of its brand beyond its niche to an overall agency. Althought real estate will be its core of experience and knowledge, a more ambitious brand based on the strategic service and not on specific outputs and media is the goal. The agency wants to position its brand among traditional advertising agencies.

Positioning goal proposal compared to current positioning, and agency's original goal

Go from being a digital agency offering specific services directly and as a provider for bigger agencies in a niche, to an overall agency comparable to traditional agencies is overambitious.

My proposal is to position the agency brand in the digital field. First because even offering services beyond digital, it is — and will be — its greater area of expertise. Also aiming for an overall positioning beyond real estate while keeping differentiation is hard enough, and getting rid of the digital positioning will mean doing without much of the existing brand. And they want to move forward, not to start from scratch.

Brand Tone

Tone is one of the current brand’s weakest points. It’s inconsistent, unclear and impersonal, full with marketing jargon and pseudo—technical empty talk.

A key element of the proposal is to textualize the brand. It has to become a text element, turning text into the brands main value. Explain results instead of listing specific actions. Using an assertive, short and straightforward tone, focusing on service.

Visual identity proposal

My proposal is to use a custom font for the brand’s logo. Based on the shape of transitional italics, this custom sans—serif typography works nicely with a more personal and easy going tone, but also works well with a modern sans—serif typography.

Logo proposal

It’s green following the tendency among digital agencies, in a blueish hue to be a step forward — but not a break — with current brand color.

And Roboto, typography used by Google in its material design is perfect for its versatility to be used on paper and on screen, and also by being representative of current digital environment.

Business cards as example of brand use


Visual identity proposal is just a small part of the brand’s repositioning. The agency’s work has to evolve accordingly. Key aspects on the strategy are:

Communication: A communication strategy including case studies with specific results about conversion, claiming its place as an influential voice in real estate marketing campaigns.

Methodology: Improve work process with deep focus on branding, adding accuracy to campaigns obtained data through A/B tests, regular publishing on results, etc.

Reorganization: Credit and promote design, communication and digital media advertising roles in the agency must be a priority. Let their talent grow to be an essential part of the agency’s communication strategy.


The agency already wanted to reposition its brand, but this is a self—initiated proposal, in order to get more involved developing strategies to update and strength the agency’s brand towards its goals.