Fran Rosa

24 May 2017


I Need A Logo: Low-Cost Design Services

En español: Necesito un logo: Servicios de diseño low-cost

If you need a logo you can find a lot of different options, from cheap logo design services, to a costly marketing agency. By principle, you should get the best professional or team you can afford. But with so many low-cost options, are you throwing your money away?

There are two ways to reduce cost of a service. First, by cutting expenses, downsizing your operational cost to your minimum needs — e.g. if you are a local business you may not need to hire an international firm.

The second way to reduce cost is shirking responsibility. To illustrate that, I'll use different scenarios in which low-cost solutions may be an option.

First Scenario

You have a fantastic idea you have drawn in a napkin. You already know exactly how it should look.

In that case you are assuming all the responsibility, and just need to hire a designer to execute your idea. Hiring a design student, or a cheaper designer from another country is fine here, because if there is some problem with the logo — if it's not original, or doesn't work — you'll be the one to blame.

You could also buy a stock vector logo, but if you find one that matches exactly your idea, maybe it wasn't really original and you should give it a second thought.

Hiring a professional with experience can be difficult, because some won't be willing to work on a project if you already have made your mind, but they can spot problems like misinterpretation, lack of readability, or composition issues, if you are open for feedback.

Second Scenario

You know your company/brand/product. You know about your industry, its trends, and what your customers may expect.

In that case you are assuming art direction, and need a designer to bring an original idea. Hiring a freelance designer recently graduated or with limited experience is fine here, if you are really able to give them the direction they need to do their job, and judge their work and give them appropriate feedback. They will be responsible for the logo concept and execution, but if style or art direction are wrong it will be your fault.

Hiring a professional with art direction experience, they'd give you a new perspective from someone with a broad visual culture, and hiring a firm with a research team can validate or refute your assumptions.

Third Scenario

You have a vague idea what your logo should include or be based on. You don't know about the style it should have, just know the elements.

This may be the most common scenario. You have one or more ideas to start from, but don't know what to do with them. You need a professional with experience in brand design that can lead you through the project. Let them do their job, and be open about what direction your ideas can lead you to.

Hiring a professional or a team with experience on brand strategy could also start from challenging your initial ideas. Just be honest and speak your mind, and let them guide you.

Fourth Scenario

You are either creating a company/brand/product on an area out of your expertise, or need to update your logo because a major change in your company/brand/product.

In that case, a team with experience in brand strategy seems your best option. They can explore options with you, do necessary research of the field you're getting into, and build an strategy with you.

If you are really breaking new ground, a marketing agency that can assist you with business strategy can be in order.


Low-cost logos exist because there is a demand, you just have to ask yourself if they are right for you.

If your company is new and small, your brand may have little value, and you can be willing to take more risks, if you are ready to pay the price of your mistakes. If your company is big and have a history, your brand may have a huge value, and any risk you take can have a brutal cost.

When considering the cost of your logo, think about the value your brand has — and the value it could have — because that is what you are risking.