Fran Rosa

16 December 2015


A Lesson From Art: Look With Your Eyes

You know that kid is always drawing in school’s books margins? It wasn’t me. I barely knew how to hold a pencil to draw when I decided to study Arts in High School. It was my way to rebel against expectations. So I learnt a lot.

But one of the most valuable lessons was ‘Look with your eyes’. It seems like an obvious one, but for me was one that needed hard work. Drawing professor told us to be able to let our eyes look and our hands draw just that and not a construction made in our brains.

Sometimes when life drawing we let our brain trick us into drawing something as our experience tell us it is and not we are seeing it. So if we are seeing an object with an aberration we tend to make a construction and draw something different, trying to better explain true nature of the object and thus failing at life drawing it.

Luckily this is even harder to overcome if you are used to draw from your mind, as in comic drawing. So I just stablished a mind—hand connection this way without the need to overcome old habits.

And this lesson can be applied in every aspect of life. Don’t let your old habits and expectations get in the way of learning by experience. And don’t overthink, let your eyes see and your heart feel without reasoning everything.

It is specially important in my work as a designer. I always try to face new projects with fresh eyes instead of using pre-conceived notions, and let process lead the way instead of looking for specific results.

I know it is not really in line with current standards in our profession, but it is one of the greatest lessons I learnt as an art student.