Fran Rosa

Designer and front end developer

I have been working on web projects' design and front end for more than twelve years, and have experience on graphic and video design projects.

I started as a self-taught web designer always working on both design and front end, and I have worked on different team arrangements in every step of a web project including dealing with clients, managing both internal and external teams, writing proposals and documentation, and of course production.

I am passionate about brand design and animation, and have worked on all kind of graphic projects including packaging, signal and book design, and also animation and motion graphics. I never get tired of working on logos, icons and vector illustration.

I work on product team at Littio helping developers with business growth.

More detailed information on my resume.

I wrote about the challenge to be imaginative as a designer who also writes code, a guide for business owners to understand how to build a brand, and about how dating apps fail at giving people proper value, and also on other topics.

Take a look at my design work.