Fran Rosa

Fran Rosa

I am a designer commited to honesty, both as work ethics, and as a design goal. I want to help you look good, by being better.

Passionate about comunication and branding, with more than sixteen years of experience on web projects.

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24 May 2017

I Need A Logo: Low-Cost Design Services

If you need a logo you can find a lot of different options, from cheap logo design services, to a costly marketing agency. By principle, you should get the best professional or team you can afford. But with so many low-cost options, are you throwing your money away?

There are two ways to reduce cost of a service. First, by cutting expenses, downsizing your operational cost to your minimum needs — e.g. if you are a local business you may not need to hire an international firm.

The second way to reduce cost is shirking responsibility. To illustrate that, I'll use different scenarios in which low-cost solutions may be an option.

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